Our Job Ready program is governed and owned by a B-BBEE (Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment) contributing company within the SA Company's Law.  The company is also woman-owned and a registered Recruitment and Skills Development Agency (see certificate numbers at the bottom of this screen).

We intercept existing relationships between business and universities/tertiary institutions and assist with the following options:

Option One:

  1. Source Intern Talent on behalf of the business.
  2.  Offer the job ready program to all the selected candidates (no cap) and expedite the shortlisting.
  3.  Refer "five" candidates on the shortlist to the business to proceed with final shortlisting.
  4.  When the preferred candidate/s are being placed, the business will affect the placement fee on a 30-day payment term.

Option Two:

  1.  Engage with the business direct to offer the job ready program as one of the "induction training" programs.
  2.  It is a one-day program, and the business SA can affect payment on a 30-day term.
  3.  The business can claim the fee from the "Skills Development Discretionary" grant under category "G" as a non-accredited program.  The program is a generic "gate-way" program within all business industries.

Option Three:

Business SA has the prerogative to exercise their CSI (Corporate Social Investment) contributions by sponsoring students/candidates to do the "Job Ready " program. 


> Register on the "sign-up" page.

> Complete your company details.

> You will receive a pro-forma invoice.

>When business receives the student's "order no and details", it will need to affect payment to allow the student access to the program.

>We will send the business the student's "recognition badge" to allow the business to claim their B-BBEE incentives in favour of  "Youth Development".   

For more information, please email us at: 

General Process

All Sectors

Once you are set, we will search our system for suitable talent as follows:

Once we receive your TSST we allow for 15 working days to complete the selection and placement process:

  1. First 5 days - we identify suitable talent
  2. Second 5 days - recruiter short-list talent
  3. Third and final 5 days - recruiter interview/place talent

Talent Profiles include:

  1. A Video Introduction
  2. Psychometric & Career Mapping Assessment Results 
  3. A comprehensive CV that includes the Job Ready Recognition Badge

Once the talent has been short-listed, the recruiter will receive a Pro Forma Invoice (PFI):

  1. Upon receipt of the above, we will send items 1 - 3 above for one-on-one interviews.
  2. You will be allowed an additional 5 working days to consider placement/s.


  • Intern placements - ZAR5000 including VAT
  • Young Professionals' with experience - 10% of CTC (Cost to Company) of candidate's salary, including VAT


EMPLOYERS - Want to book your Interns / Graduates?



  • Employers  - to find out more, access the link below or  above to “sign up”  free.
  • On the "registration" template, you will be able to stipulate the total candidates for registration.
  • The system will record your details on the Employer master database and when your candidates register, they will select your details.
  • Once the candidates register, the system will generate an "order template" that your candidate will receive and need to submit to you.
  • We will submit an invoice and once you have made payment, the candidate will have access to the program.
  • Once the candidate completes the program, they will need to provide you with their  Job Ready Recognition Badge to allow you to claim from the Skills Development Discretionary grant (under category "G").

For more information, please email us at .