MasterClass Job Ready Career Skills Program



Evaluate Information Accuracy

New information is being discovered and disseminated at a phenomenal rate.  It is predicted that 50% of facts students are memorizing today will no longer be accurate or complete in the near future.  Students need to know how to find accurate information, and how to use critical analysis for assessing the veracity or bias and the current or potential uses of new information. 

These are the executive functions that they need to develop and practice in the home, school and tertiary level today, because without them, students will be unprepared to find, analyze, and use the information of tomorrow.

In the meantime, personal values, work ethic and psychoanalyses are not dealt with extensively in the classrooms; these soft skills should be groomed already from grassroots level.  Hence, this simple, yet “cutting-edge” Job Ready Career Skills program will equip the young job seeker with relevant skills, tools and resources along the following Modules:


  • The candidate will complete a market-related template to fast-track job hunting.

DISC Psychometric Assessment

  • Get to know your personality & behavioral styles to match a suitable profession.

Career Choice Assessment

  • Minimize your efforts in search of industries and get a perfect match right here.

Mental Conditioning

  • Move away from a "student-mindset" to that of a prospective employee.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Develop your psyche to help you cope emotionally at your job; it leads to a sustainable career.

Business Intelligence (BQ)

  • Be "a business within a business" and become the brand! Markets will follow "u".

Financial Intelligence (FQ)

  • Learn how to manage your salary and money, it is a fundamental skill to a healthy and happy career.

Remote Working Techniques 

  • This is a niche method, and it is all about "discipline, integrity and energy" to be able to drive it from home!

Interview Skills

  • Corporations are exhausted - bring your part during the interview and create momentum.

LinkedIn Profile                              

  • Optimize the algorithms on your LI page and draw smart and blue-chip job ads!

Recognition Badge                  

Candidates will attain the following Skill Set:

Cognitive Ability | Adaptability | Problem Solving |Teamwork |Effective Communication |Critical Thinking | Detailed-orientation |Working "smart" vs working "hard" |Conflict Resolution |Be a "business within a business” |Time management |Emotional Intelligence and other

  • The program is a none-accredited curriculum, but much-needed "Gateway Job Ready " program.
  • South African employers may incorporate the program in their  Induction Training and claim the registration fee from the Skills Development Discretionary grant under category "G".
  • We provide the necessary tools and resources, while the candidate deserves the Skills & Badge!
What is the cost?


Placement of Young Professionals including the Job Ready program:  10% of candidate's annual salary at (CTC - cost to company) tariff, plus VAT.

Placement of graduates (for graduate programs) and interns including the Job Ready program: ZAR5000,00 plus VAT. 

N.B.   Please refer to the "Recruiter Page" for recruitment and selection details.

Students/Alumni/Graduates registering direct:

Covid-19 discount price = ZAR550,00 including VAT.  Please register here .  We will receive a request and provide you with payment instructions.



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