MasterClass Job Ready Career Skills Academy  launched a Mentorship Pilot group of 100 final-year law students that we mentored during October 2021 - October 2023.  As high as 85% graduated during 2022, whilst the rest were supplementing subjects.  All of these amazing candidates managed to adapt to reality and learned to put the "self-entitlement label" behind them and approach their journey forward, with some in the job market and others still studying, with sheer passion, commitment, and determination. 

Our collective efforts saw many placed as Candidate Attorneys, of which 95% of those passing their Board Exams and were admitted as Attorneys!  We are absolutely delighted that this Socio-Economic Empowerment Project was an enourmous success and a yardstick to EMPOWER THE YOUTH in this segment with impeccable Job Ready Skills and Tools.

The traditional Internship programmes across employment and industries do NOT train soft skills.  Fairly so, because these values should be taught at home and even school?  The lack thereof is the core reason why young interns are not retained by Corporate SA.  At MasterClass Job Ready Academy, we have the patience, emphathy, and concerns at heart for this market segment, and are available to "clean-up, brush-down, wipe-off" these difficult and though layers off our Youth to see them thrive in their careers!  

Corporate SA & Law Firms can reach us for talent acquisitions at

Some of the candidates' reviews:



 N.B.  We assist candidates from all walks of faith.


-Services SETA Planning Manager, Sibusiso Dladla – guidance and advisory services to connect with all SETAS for the relevant faculties
-SASSETA (Security and Legal SETA) – Mr. Thamsanqa  Mdontswa, CEO
-LPC (Legal Practice Council)  -  Ms. Charity Nzuza, Executor Officer & Malissa, Skills Trainer
-LS (Law Society) – Mbulelo Dili, Manager – Bus and Stakeholder Development